Passion is the word that I think best describes me. If I'm going to do something at all, I put everything into it. I work long hours, lose sleep, lose days even weeks without realizing it. I find myself staring off blankly in public because my mind is processing light, colors, shapes, fractal geometries, language cyphers, ancient architectural and cultural cues, and the resonations of unseen magnetic and gravitational fields connecting us all to each other and the world around us. Sometimes that makes it difficult to talk to the teller at the bank or to remember to show up to work.

Many of the projects you see here are the result of years and years of slowly growing and learning the foundations of that project. I have begun and rejected more paintings than I have finished, but I think you will find that typical of anyone who is evolving a vision. This is the fourth major website I've built for my artwork since 1996 and I'm sure in a few years I will tear it all down and begin again.

I'm not sure where I fit into this high-paced cellular world... maybe I'm an anachronism. With the exception of one photoset, every one of my photographs was taken with a film camera. I still do pencil or charcoal studies of all my paintings even if I paint them from photographs. My telephone has a long cord that attaches it to the wall. I coded this entire website using only Notepad, and Paintshop Pro to edit the images... and for those of you who remember the times before VGA and even before EGA, the text color scheme of this site is dedicated to you.

I grew up in the country, in the South, surrounded by trees and never feeling that property lines were a restriction for me. I do not know that I am able to live in these cities and suburbs without feeling strangled by them. I often look back at those days and wonder how big of an impact that tiny redneck town has had on my life. I cannot escape the conclusion that those people and experiences have informed every thought and every decision I have made in my life, bad or good.

Part of me feels that this website is a testament to my life and my ongoing opus, and another part wonders if it is not yet another excersize in vanity. I suppose that putting my work out here, on the internet, makes that judgement yours.