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Polaroid Type 669 Film

About 3 inches was cut off of the front of the Big Shot. Inside of the body is a light baffle, which I have attached the wooden lens-board infront of. The main lens is the front 2 elements from a Kodak Anastigmat 135mm plate-camera lens. (The rear element is used in the Tonkina-Kodak lens hack.) The Compur shutter works at all speeds. The rear element was made from the front element out of a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, it has been collimated to focus at 4 feet. The Big Shot uses a rangefinder set to 4 feet to focus. I've also added strap lugs to the sides to make it easier to carry, and a tripod mount.

Despite the focusing limitations, the addition of a real aperture and shutter makes this camera drastically more flexible than the original Big Shot which is meant to be used with Magic Cube flashes and has only one shutter speed.

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