mosaic vortex
logos and fliers


Mosaic Vortex was a group of people living in Asheville NC running artshows, plays and charity drives supporting arts in the Asheville area. For a short peroid of time I was the Vice President. We were attempting to get non-profit status in order to run a more organized group, but internal chaos put that to an end.

Capricorn studios was the studio warehouse where several members of Mosaic Vortex lived and where we threw art shows, art parties, pot-lucks, open art studio time and craft nights.

The Undressing of the Salad was a play we wrote as a collective and preformed live for one preformance. The "writing" was rough and actors were expected to fill in Improntu lines and interact with the crowd. It was fun although not many people showed up, and I discovered latent acting abilities I never knew about. I also did a fair amount of writing and scene design as well as costume designs for some of the more surreal characters. I love my Brocolli-Girl on the flier, as well as the fonts and especially the fish-head "A"s.

I also organized a charity drive for Thanksgiving 2002 which I called the Thanx-Give-In in the tradition of 1960s "be-ins". An indoor art music and food festival, we managed to get several good live acts as well as food all day and a great art show. Unfortunately it snowed all day, several vendors and live acts didnt show and the turnout was really poor.