fake olympus camera designs

These are fantasy camera designs I did in the spirit of my favorite camera company, Olympus. These designs are totally for fun and are not intended to actually represent real products. I have no affiliation with the Olympus camera co. nor do I have any knowledge of their actual product development. These are just mental excersizes for fun, so enjoy!

multiformat/multimount mechanical camera

The OX-1 is based on the idea of having a super thin camera that could mount various lenses from rangefinder cameras to medium format SLR's. It uses periscopic focus and a focal plane shutter. The backs are interchangible with 35mm, 6x6, and programmable format digital backs. The camera would come with telescoping adapters for different camera mounts. It would also come with an electronic mount for using AF and digital lenses. It would also have a telescoping optical viewfinder and spot-metering through the periscopic focusing aid.

retro-styled digital body for the OM lens linev

The OM-D is simply a digital body for Olympus OM manual focus lenses. The body is styled after the beauiful OM-1. It includes a tiny pop-up on-camera flash. The shutter can be set to A for Aperture Priority automatic exposure or set manually using the in-camera meter.

retro-styled compact digital 4/3's body

The eNR-1 is a compact digital body for the Olympus e-series of 4/3's cameras. NR stands for "Non Reflex" as the camera lacks a mirror and optical viewfinder. The general style of the camera is similar to the OM-1 but has a more modern grip. The controls are given a "retro" style for users familiar with manual-focus film cameras. On the lens barrel is an aperture ring which electronically controls the lens aperture and allows for Full Auto mode or Manual aperture control mode. Similarly, the shutter-speed dial can be set to Full Auto, or Aperture Priority Auto or Manual. The camera features a slide-out on-camera flash and there is a magnification button which provides a digital zoom to aid in manual focusing of lenses. The viewfinder is meant to flip-up and the camera is shown with an imaginary 30mm f/2.8 "pancake" lens mounted to it.

super-compact vertical format digital 4/3's body

The NR-2 is even more compact than the eNR-1 and has more simplified, elegant controls. The body is styled after the Olympus XA but borrows design features from the OM-1 and the Pen F, as well as the Chocolate cellphone by LG. The ON/OFF button is placed where the film rewind is placed on film cameras. It doubles as a mode selection dial, with the modes lighting up from under the smooth top-plate in red. The thumb-wheel controls EV-/+ exposure compensation in Auto modes, shutter speeds in Manual mode, and ISO in ISO-set mode. The aperture dial on the barrel can be set to Auto or Manual aperture control, and it electronically controls the aperture of 4/3's lenses. The moon-shaped button on the face of the camera is a digital zoom for manual focusing lenses. The back of the camera appears barren until the screen is slid to the side revealing all of the option buttons usually seen on the back of digital cameras. There is a pop-up on-camera flash and an optional hot-shoe flash grip. The flash grip also doubles as a battery-backup and makes the width of the camera closer to an SLR, also the rear LCD screen slides and locks into the back of the flash grip.