THE TWELVE TABLETS : : Of Atlantian Origin : :

CREATION AS VIBRATION : : Sound Light Energy and Matter are all expressions of Vibration which oganizes and directs energy flow : :

This is all a symphony of sound and light : Everything around us has a vibration and resonates with everything else : Each of us is a living instrument : Together we are playing a concert and alone we must shine bright : We move and are moved by the motions of all of those forces around us : A wave a ripple an undulation of life : :

We are walking mirrored heads : We see only what we love and hate in ourselves in each other : We will never really know one another no matter how much we want : Is it not enough for me to say that I love the me I see in you? And isnt there a special energy like a lighthouse when we come together and we all love that same reflection boucning around amoung us all?

SUN GIVER OF LIFE : : Men should be like the Sun and give warmth and light to the cold and dark : Be a source of inspiration and energy : Be a force of renewal : Be the force which breaks down raw elements and transforms them into Life and Love : :

The purpose of life is to find a purpose for your life : You can become anything in your life you choose : The meaning of life is to give a meaning to your life : The way into heaven in your life is to make heaven into a way of life : The way to find beauty is to open your eyes the way to find love is to open your heart : Ask not why ask how things are : :

Everything you have ever wanted in your life is right there in front of you : Everything you wish for is within your grasp : So wish for love and not pain : So wish for wisdom and not blindness : So wish for patience and not quick resolution : So wish that the chasm be deep and not wide for you may be able to jump across : :

MOON : : Men should be like the Moon illuminate the night and pull the tides : Be a source of security and regularity : Be dependable and be predictable in changes but be constantly changing : :

To dedicate ones life to death is to waste that life : Dedicate the life to life and all will profit : Dedicate the life to learning and all will know : Dedicate the life to loving and all will see : Just as the falling drop will become part of the ocean so will all life die and be dispersed throughout the earth : Just as the ocean will evaporate and become a cloud life energy will become a thousand different things and react with a thousand different things : Just as the cloud will form a drop the energy will come together in a new way and become a new breathing soul : :

Be a carrier of water and pour from your soul into others : Feed the hungery : Teach the ignorant : Love the needy : Within the ocean of existence all is fluid : Everything will become something else : All actions have their reactions : Good actions can produce some negative effects and evil actions can produce positive effects : We must not seek richeousness for it will do others harm : We can only try to do no harm to others : We can only try to do no harm to ourselves : We can only try to do no harm to our micro and macro environment : :

RIDDLE OF THE CARDS : : Toiling by the light of the Sun and warmth of the flame : Battling under the stormy sky in raging wind : For a treasure greater than any jewel from the Earth : A heart as pure and clear as the freshest cleanest water : :

These roads we walk are lined with the thorns of failure and the brambles of anxiety : But then the straighter you walk the wider the road : And holding your head up its harder to get sratched : And even if you have no place to call home : And your soul has worns down to your bones : And the wide wicked world has spread you thin : You will always have your heart and your will within : May all roal lead to home : For home is where your heart belongs : And home is where youre free : And whereever you stop to rest your bones alone the road is where your home will be : :

Every position on the board has its advantage : Be the land rocky but the hills scattered with big game and hearty trees : Be the land flat and without forests or creature but the soil moist and easily tilled and the rivers brimming with fish : Be there no vestige of food be there no shelter and no water but the sun sets the sky alive in blazing glory every night and the stars shine across the heavens in a sparkling smile : :

MAN : : Is the Fire and passion of progress : The muscles of agricultural toil : The father of action and revolution : :

Pity no man for all men have the same weaknessess : And by pitiing you deny your own weaknesses and place yourself above them : Pity no man for all men choose their destiny : Although we do not choose the flow of random events in our lives we do choose how we veiw and act upon these events : Pity no man have only compassion and reservation : Love before judgement : Think before action : :

Give with a generous heart : Give freely to all people : But be wary of men possessed by power money or drugs : Though their souls may be pure their possessor is not : It is a twisting of mens minds greed : Give freely to all people but give nothing you are not willing to lose to these possessed men for they will be an open pit of taking : If you watch people you will only see yourself : You will see good and bad : :

WOMAN : : Is the Water of protection : The joints connecting the herd to the herder : The mother of watchful permittence : :

Love should be unexpected beautiful and wise like two leaves falling and landing side by side : To be with someone is to know them : When their spirit meshes with yours and you share each others fears and imperfections and you feel more connected for it : When everyone else has become transparent and the two of you feel like the only things solid : :

There is a love that stirs deep within the bones and is neither needy or fickle : It flows like a river in times of pain and in times of lust : It does not judge actions or words : It knows only that these people are here and together : It is not just a love of fairy tales but does require faith : :

SEVEN GATES : : In order to descend into the Underworld of the subconscious one must pass through the seven Gates of Consciousness and one must uncover the seven Veils of Fear : Then one will become naked and the true Self revealed : :

Live not in fear for fear will attract those who will feast on that fear : They will drawl strength from weakness : They will turn your misfortune to their advantage : They will digest your sorrow and make it their pride : Live not in hate for hate is a seed which once sown will reap a harvest of hate : In the hearts of the loving it leaves sorrow : In the hearts of the weak it leaves collapse : In the hearts of the strong it will turn back and attack you : :

Fear exudes from the skin in a gelatonous skim : It runs into our eyes and blinds us : It weighs us down and makes us heavy : It glues our arms and legs together : We must tear and peel back the shell of fear and step out :
Glistening fresh from this exoskeletal flesh we will see with new eyes : We will walk as if weightless : We will move unencombered : We will think in instantaneous understanding : :

TREE OF LIFE : : Map of the vital energies within and around the body : The base is the essence of all life : The peak is
human consciousness : :

Every spring the tree brings forth new growth : New buds and new leaves : Every leaf is different : Different shape and color and location : But every leaf is part of the same tree : They are more similar than different : Our lives nurture the tree : Humanity has become the blight on an illusionary existence : We must cure the blight to save the whole tree : Even one flower can bring hope to all of existence : Be the flower : Blossom : :

We are flowers which will bloom and blossom over and over like rows of sharks teeth eternally growing back and with each blossom colors and petals fade and change : Thorns grow where velvet cushoins fell : Thistles then dandelions tigerlilies then carnations forget me nots then wilting death : First impressions second impressions : We could fill volumes with pressings of personalities and never really know the depth of each other : Maybe we can put up little signs just so you know : :

ALL SEEING EYE : : Looking deep within oneself and looking far across the world one sees that there is a Body Soul and Spirit to all things : The solid rock the burning plant and volitile animal can transform and be reborn within oneself and throughout the world : :

Wisdom is a simple thing inherint in all of our action and obvious to sort out : You simply have to look deep within yourself to see it : The difficult think in life is to live by wisdom : To not regret not following the ways of the wise : And to then fall into wisdom as one falls in love : :

Within each of us there is a chasm so deep : Within each of us there is a mountain so high : Within each of us there is a valley so wide : It is awazing that we have missed is all together : Within each of us there is a capacity for greatness : Within each of us there is a gift we must listen to the wisdom of our dreams our visions our spiritual guides : :

CONJUNCTION : : All human knowledge and experience is interconnected : All Science is both pyshical and spiritual : All Religion points to the basic universal truths : All Art contains the precepts of both Science and Religion : :

We are all one organism : We share thoughts : Our lives are interconnected : There is no single individual self : To guess and to know are the same : To wish and to receive are the same : To doubt and to fail are the same : We are all the messiah : We are all the carriers of the chalice of hope : We are all drops falling into an ocean : We all share the pain and the love : We all feel the hope and the pity : We are everywhere at once : We are of one mind streching across a desert to seek an oasis : :

We all desire appreciation : We all need to feel special : We are all designed for love : We all fear being found unattractive : We all fear our own weaknesses : We all have the same weaknesses : We all fear that our weaknesses will be discovered : We are more alike than different : We all have in common our humanity our basic urges and impulses : We are all caught up in the struggle to survive : Remember that all men desire the same things that you do : :

MANIFESTION : : Balance Love and Wisdom : Strength and Mercy : Beauty of Victory and Glory : Truth in the Universe : :

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