calamity jane
2006 : asheville NC

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bird beak band

patrick j. Dempsey : guitar and vocals
eric Parsons : guitar
wesley Almond : guitar
marissa Williams : cello
becky Johnson : viola
jenny Bowen : percussion

Calamity Jane and Doc Holiday 
Rode some ponies out on the prairie
Heading for a bank to get out some money
Rode on their ponies out on the prairie.

Calamity Jane told Doc Holiday 
It's kinda fun watching you sling that gun
Calamity Jane told Doc Holiday 
We should settle down outside this ghost town.

Doc Holiday had to inform Calamity Jane
There isn't a man alive who wants to work 9 to 5
Doc Holiday told Calamity Jane
That 2.5 kids just wheren't in it for him.

Doesn't want cats in the yard
He doesn't want a lawn tractor in the barn
He doesn't want perfectly groomed 
Two inch tall grass in the yard

He's of the old-school mindset
Riding that horse off into the sunset slinging a gun
Screwing hookers down by the saloon
Stealing little kids balloons.