same old song
2006 : asheville NC

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bird beak band

patrick j. Dempsey : guitar and vocals
eric Parsons : guitar and backing vocals
wesley Almond : guitar
marissa Williams : cello
becky Johnson : viola
jenny Bowen : percussion

Bye bye squeaky chair bye bye squeaky chair 
I dont like the sound of your squeaking.

Bye bye squeaky chair bye bye squeaky chair
You fucked up the recordings and you fucked up my hair.

I've probably played this song a million times
See I move the capo around so
It sounds totally fucking different
That's why you dont realize. 

Its the same song that same old song
Ive been singing since the beginning

You probably think 
That its the end of the world
But the world is a circle and a circle has no ends 
Thats right my friends.

Same old song same old song
That I've been singing since the beginning.