so you say
2006 : asheville NC

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When I grow up I want to rule the world 
From my solid gold throne in the middle of the moon.
So you say, the moon is made of cheese 
And the world is made of men who dont answer to please.

What if I ask very very very nicely with sugar on top 
Will everyone get fed and all the wars just stop?
So you say, thats not likely to happen 
But what do you know you're just words on a napkin.

The words in my mouth are like flowers on your ears 
You'll have no choice but to drop all your spears.
So you say, you'll fight to the death 
But at my command you fall down with torretts.
Fuck fuck fuck shit mother fucker 
fuck fuck fuck shiiiiit.

When I grow up I want to rule the world 
With a bloody fist and a gun covered in pearls.
So you say, you only want love 
If that was the case why didnt you do it alone?