mighty 8th airforce heritage museum
molesworth airfeild mural: preliminary work

A photo of the base compared with the floor plan of the museum
The red X marks the point-of-view

Aerial photo of the base with the map I built from it

The first small-scale perspective drawing

The small-scale B&W studies

Curvature of the wall vs. Perspective

Digital mockup of the B&W studies in the museum space

1/12th Scale Maquette paintings

1/4 Scale drawings of the full mural, click them to see larger

Renaissance Studios

During the process of creating the mural, I was responsible for doing maps of the base, translating those maps into the perpective drawings, and researching the buildings, equipment, and aircraft markings of the period and of this specific base. Ely was responsible for building and painting the models we used, for working out the color schemes, and for doing the B&W studies. We worked together painting the Maquettes as well as the final mural. I researed books, historical websites, and we interviewed Harry Gobrecht, 303rd Historian about his memories of Molesworth base, and used many of the photographs he collected to work from. We also kept in contact with Keith Ferris, reknowned painter of the B-17 mural in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and he gave us critiques of our perspective drawings.

Click here to see the completed mural